Borderline Personality Disorder: My Take

Makes an awful lot of sense.

Psych Circus

imageAm I an expert on this topic? Not exactly; I’ll let you decide for yourself. Fair enough?

Hence “My Take,” such as it is:

I do have some small experience. I’ve usually get along rather well with people unfortunate enough to contend with this dark label. We work well together. That’s rather unusual, in my experience.

People’s experiences of mental illness only partly reflect anything between their own ears. They also experience others’ reactions to them: to their behavior, speech, AND the labels they carry. Of course, like any human beings, they also react to others’ reactions to them. Who doesn’t? Such is social life, cause and effect churning like a pot boiling.

This social dynamic explains why I’ve learned to ignore Borderline at work, as best I can. I pretend there is no such thing, because it causes far more clinical harm than good. I acknowledge people, trauma, suffering…

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