Wow just Wow.

Americana Injustica

It’s come to my attention lately,
that the wonder of technology,
can be poisoned by the presence,
of a stranger’s mental instability;

We all make choices in life, don’t we?
with effects that will be ours, alone, to carry,
I can’t relate or comprehend – I’m sorry,
the default mechanism of defensive psychiatry;

I’m sorry the road behind you has been so bumpy,
but, you’ve bumped your pin-sized head if you believe,
that I will lay down in the dirt and let you trample me,
there is a fire inside of this woman’s breath and belly;

Please spare me the insidious and diabolique,
the lies used as embers to raise the level of heat,
the games that you aren’t even actually playing with me,
I’ve left the table – now it’s just two – not three;

There is no kind of valor or respectability,
in re-weaving your own perceptions of…

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