Woman gets revenge on boyfriend by sticking him NAKED to a chair

You joke about hurting my dog having your genitals stuck to a chair would be the least of your problems. Good for her!


A WOMAN whose boyfriend pranked her by pretending he had put her puppy in a washing machine got her revenge – when she stuck him naked to a chair.   Dominkia Petrinova burst into tears when boyfriend Erik Meldik told her he had put their pet dog in a washing machine.   Although he soon came clean to his 27-year-old other half, after filming her reaction, she got her revenge soon afterwards.

A few days later, she told him she had a “nice surprise” waiting for him in the bedroom and, after he came out of the bathroom naked, she asked him to sit on a chair.   However, the chair was covered with waxing tape – which Mr Meldik found stuck to his bottom and genitals.

Ms Petrinova filmed her boyfriend as he managed to get free from the chair – but at the cost of a “fair potion”…

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