THE PANTSUIT REPORT| Reminder To Media: Helping Hillary Is Not Your Job

I am sick of her already and we have another frikin year of this. Hopefully she will retire after she loses.

pundit from another planet

hillary-pressJohn Hayward writes: The 2016 presidential race has only just begun, and we already have an unforgettable image for the history books: a pack of salivating reporters racing after Hillary Clinton’s taxpayer-funded “Mystery Machine” van, like a flock of pigeons chasing after scattered birdseed.  pantsuit-report

“This is going to be tough for you, Media, because everyone knows 80 to 90 percent of you vote Democrat. Heck, a lot of you are former operatives of Democrat political machines.”

Conservative humorist Iowahawk dubbed it “the stampede of the majestic North American Throne-Sniffers.” The Washington Free Beacon spliced in the theme music from the old Benny Hill comedy show to create the perfect viewing experience.


There’s another image I would submit for the history books: Hillary’s campaign gearing up to use an old publicity still of then-SecState Clinton using a Blackberry.

[Read the full text here, at Breitbart]

Here’s the thing, Media – it’s…

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  1. George · April 15, 2015

    If wishes only came true

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