Hillary Comes Out Swinging At….WHO?


Desert Musings

It didn’t take Hillary Clinton long to come out swinging. It’s not surprising. She needs to swing a lot. She’s got a lot of ground to make up for and a lot of people’s minds to change if she a) ever wants to be her party’s nominee b) unite the party and c) actually get elected to anything besides senator from the second most liberal state in the country!

So whom did she take a swipe at? Wall Street. In an effort to stem the tide of “Draft Warren”, Hillary went after CEO’s pay. Now, you have to understand…Hillary Clinton attacking CEO’s for making too much money is like me attacking a pile of liver pate. Ain’t supposed to happen! But there she is…trying to tell people that CEO’s make 300 times what their workers make…while she’s fresh off a $300,000 a pop speaking tour. Can someone please say, “inconsistency”???

This is what…

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