Do Political arguments have to be nasty??

Politics and fighting

I don’t understand why politics have to be nasty? When I see one politico talking about every bit of dirt about their opponents and ignoring issues it worries me. When you have politicians like the Clintons with billion dollar war chests it pretty much excludes any one else in the race. No doubt we will be seeing a hell of a lot of Hillary in the coming months. Nothing about issues or what will help the country all about the other candidates and everything nasty that can be said. Lets not leave out the Republicans. Although they currently don’t have a front runner like Hillary they have several waiting in the wings and a few that have announced. The whole thing has become a circus and we the public are the clowns.

emmitt Kelly

Screaming and yelling at each other instead of thoughtfully looking at who is running and what is best for the country. We are in a bad place in the world. At a precipice that may mean another World War. While the politicians in the west run around raising money for their campaigns instead of governing, Isis is destroying the Middle East. We are seen as weak well hell all we do is fight each other like some South American dictatorship. Our government no longer is respected. No wonder Russia is running all over gathering up territory. Not like anyone is going to stop them. Castro must be laughing his ass off at us. Jack Kennedy must be spinning like a top. It took guts to stand up to Russia but who remembers that?

Please, Please, Please don’t fight, LISTEN. Look for the candidate that will do the best for the country not the one that is the candidate for the party you have voted for because you always did. Tradition is nice but has no place in deciding the very important place that a person will hold in history. Your vote determines your future, the future of your children and our world. Take it seriously. Fights belong on the playground not in decisions that impact millions. Also bear in mind when you hear all those TV ads who is paying for them? Why? Don’t be swayed by who has the biggest pocketbook.

dont vote don't complain


  1. cornfedcontessa · April 13, 2015

    I often wonder that myself. What exactly are they trying to solve by being so nasty about one another?

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