Which of These Five Dysfunctional Personality Types Best Describes You?

So which are you?

WebInvestigator.KK.org - by F. Kaskais

Surreal Self-Portrait Photography by Noell S. Oszvald

Photography by Noell S. Oszvald

Many of us spend our adult lives recovering from our childhoods.

Many animals rely heavily on instinct when it comes to raising their young. Of course, I will never know if a mama bear is concerned about feeding her children farmed salmon. I don’t think mama monkeys debate wearing their offspring vs. pushing them in strollers. And I am pretty sure that when a mama lizard eats her baby she isn’t contemplating, “should I be doing this?” but rather just devours it because infant flesh is delicious.

Our capacity to analyze, reason and project consequences into the future means parenting is a very complex process for human beings. Of course, there are natural reflexes, but there is also strategy that comes into play when you start thinking about the kind of adult you want your kid to be. When a mama snake…

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