My brother Maxie and my wonderful hubby.


don maxie

Hi dere well I want to tell you about my brother Maxie Ann Lavin. He is from Liverpool way across the water and he is a cockatiel  he is also what they call a Scouse. Don’t ask me what it means but he is proud to be that. Maxie and I get into lots of adventures together. He was even my maid of honor at my wedding to Nicholas Yorkshire.

Wedding picture Nicholas and Prinnie

This is our wedding picture. We gots married on Facebook. We have one of those modern marriages as he lives in North Carolina and i live in New York City. All the best people do that. Besides my old woman would never let me leave her. She needs me. Old people are like that. We do see each other a lot and go on great adventures. Mostly with Adventure Paws a wonderful group where we fight baddies and do all…

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