Catching FLEAS from narcissists and abusers. (reblogged from Nyssa’s Hobbit Hole)

Lots to think about here. We do end up copying the behavior of others too. A lot of this is a self protective mechanism as well. Well thought out article as usual!

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When I was Googling “fleas and narcissists” for the previous article, I learned something new. It’s also something I very much have been needing to know, due to my worries lately about my own narcissistic behaviors.

The article, reposted from Nyssa’s Hobbit Hole, decribes the way a long-term relationship with a narcissist can lead to a condition in their victims called FLEAS. I have never heard this term used before, but apparently it’s part of the narcissistic abuse lexicon, and refers to the bad or narcissistic behaviors ACONs and other abuse survivors have picked up from the narcissists who influenced or raised them. These behaviors, unlike those of a true narcissist, can be unlearned. Here is the article in its entirety.

Catching FLEAS from Narcissists and Abusers
By Nyssa (“Clarissa Harlowe”)


I have caught my own FLEAS while dealing with Tracy.

Sometimes, we who have been targeted by the…

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