Being Re-educated About Cyberstalking and Cyberharassment

It is about time they did something. This has become a real problem and should be address. People shouldn’t be able to defame, stalk and make others miserable because they are mental or have no lives.

Say No To Cyberstalking

According to an article posted in the Independent Newspaper online, as of late 2014, UK police are undergoing training to deal more aptly with the rising problem of digital stalking and harassment.

This new initiative follows on the heels of a fairly recent change in legislation that allows the prosecution of stalkers to happen more easily in both England and Wales with Scotland also calling for massive overhaul of their current laws on the books for anti-harassment. The push for change in Scotland is being touted by famed author Janice Galloway who was stalked by a former lover. With the help of the Solicitor General and the backing of the Scottish Government, there will hopefully soon be tougher laws in place making it easier for the police in Scotland to also tackle this growing problem.

The College of Policing are vital in their creation of the educational resources that will…

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