Making Gluten Free Bread

Never even knew they made gluten free flour

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In our church, someone volunteers for the year to bring the communion bread.  I volunteered for 2015.  Now, I am one of two gluten-free people who attend this church.  They actually changed the communion bread to gluten free, so we don’t have to skip this part of the service.

I volunteered to make the bread, as buying it is really expensive and quite bland.  Granted, some of my attempts have not been up to my usual baking standards.  However, I think I have finally found the winning recipe and the right flour mixture.

I have switched to a new gluten-free flour mixture.  I have attempted, and had some success, making my own mixtures, I have tried several premade flour mixtures and I think I have found the one that works for me:  Pamela’s Artisan Flour Blend.


I have a really hard time buying mixes, even if it’s gluten-free.  I like…

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  1. georgiakevin · April 5, 2015

    My wife is gluten intolerant so for a number of years we have had to eat gluten free. Buying gluten free bread is a chore and expensive while making gluten free bread seems to be the best alternative especially if you make it from scratch but making bread like this is time consuming.

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    • Gale A. Molinari · April 5, 2015

      Perhaps you could get a bread machine. They do all the work for you.


      • georgiakevin · April 5, 2015

        Maybe, e had one some years ago.

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