The Ghost of April Snow

What a thought. I wonder if the tale is real.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Sat 3Once upon a time,

There was

A little girl


April Snow.

The other children

Loved to tease

And bully her.

They told April

She wasn’t real.

They insisted

That she didn’t

Actually exist.

“There’s no

Such thing

As April Snow!”

They’d chant

As they followed

Her home

From school.

April Snow

Could do nothing

To stop

Her horrible peers.

Every day,

They taunted her,

And every day,

April Snow

Would wonder

If what they said

Was true.


April Snow

Moved far away

From the

Heartless fiends

Who had made

Her life

Utterly miserable.


Their words


To haunt her.

April Snow

Grew up

To be a loner.

How could she ever

Trust anyone

After what

Had happened

To her

In her youth?

On her deathbed,

April Snow


To get

Her revenge

Against those

Who had made

Her life

A lonely one

To live.

She swore


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  1. Austin · April 4, 2015

    Thanks for sharing my poem. I’m glad you liked it.

    Liked by 1 person

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