Embrace Thyself

Well you are honest that I will say for you. Pretty funny.

Jack Mormon

I’m gonna lay it out there.
I’m gonna let it hang loose…

I’m gonna expose myself, but without the execution of an embarrassing arrest warrant; only the satisfactory and titillating reward of wondrous, handsome man pie.


I am a bitch.
I am a cry baby.
I am a drama king.
Sometimes I am a drama queen, depending on if my dramatic expostulations(?) have reached panty stage or not.

I complain non-stop.
My wife drinks…a lot.
“You drink too much”
“Because you complain too much”
Catch 22…?
x – y= Pfffftttt!


I think it’s because my needs aren’t being met or attended to in a fashion that merits their importance and/or my expectations of need.

I am a nit-picker.
I am a clean freak.
I hate empty ice trays and the people that don’t refill them.

I hate white people.


Yes, I know I am Caucasianul nongrata…that’s…

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