Women and the church an answer to Opinionated Man

Mary Magdalen

Opinionated Man has posted that women should not be priests. His argument is that is doesn’t feel right. This is an argument that I have also had with the husband for years. His argument? Well Peter left his wife to follow Jesus so they are the only ones that should be priests. The Pope said so and he is infallible. These misogynistic attitudes have permeated the church for centuries.

Women and their roles in the church have been subject to propaganda including the early female leaders being removed from the Bible. Mary Magdalene in new research in newly discovered early texts may have been one of Christ’s disciples, one of prominence. New Testament gospels written in the early years of the church acknowledge that women were among the first of Jesus’s followers. Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Susanna accompanied Jesus during his early ministry and even financed some of it. (Luke 8:1-3). He was even taught by an unnamed Gentile woman that the ministry of God is not limited but belongs to all who have faith (Mark 7:24; Matthew 15:21-28). He was a frequent visitor to the house of Martha and taught and ate with the women of that house. Women were the first witnesses of the resurrection and none turned on him. Actually none of his followers did according to new research on the character of Judas but we will save that for another day.

Look at the church today who are the ones that give it the most support? Who take care of the fundraisers? The charitable works? The women.  As in the early days of the church they play prominent roles. As a matter of fact scholars have suggested that the majority of early Christians were women.

In the Gospel of Philip, Mary Magdalene is one of the three women who walked with the lord as his companion. In the Pistis Sophia she is again preeminent among the disciples. In the Gospel of Mary she is a leader among the disciples.

So how did Mary Magdalene and the women of the early church get pushed aside as leaders and priests? I suspect there was a power struggle in the early church. Women had too much authority. Those that felt that women were not staying in the roles of support that the early church thought they should be in did a little rewriting of history. Instead of a leader Mary Magdalene in the Fourth Century is made into a woman of ill repute that converts. This was due to a confusion between Mary Magdalene and the unnamed sinner who anointed Jesus’s feet (Luke 7:36-50). Think about it if you want to besmirch a woman and bring her down what is the first claim you make. She has also been confused with several other women in the bible  (John 12:18) Mary of Bethany. Also during the middle ages land was left to male heirs not women. When priests would come into the church their worldly goods would become the church’s. They were not allowed to marry for the same reason. How do you think the church became rich?

I don’t mind if you have an opinion but I do have a problem with prejudice. That is why my husband goes out to church and I don’t. Thank you but if I am not good enough to be a leader in your church then I will take my talents elsewhere.

Thank you OM. I enjoyed refuting your arguments. I admire your belief in your church but it should not blind you to facts.

Judge Napolitano – Hillary Clinton Is Eligible for Criminal Prosecution

Socialism is not the Answer

Independent Sentinel

The Hillary Clinton email scandal is not simply a scandal. She broke the law and she did it more than once. Will she be prosecuted for it? Judge Napolitano was asked that question and in the end, she could be but it will depend on the prosecutor.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has given us her word that she only destroyed personal emails, but she has refused to turn over her husband’s server. She brazenly wiped the server clean when it was subpoenaed.

Information on Benghazi, the Russian reset and all the other dealings she has been involved in are lost. Communications with her aides, including Huma Abedin, are lost. Possible information about donations to her charity from foreign nations is gone. Schedule information is also gone.

She has clearly broken the law and the public was told to just trust her.

Trey Gowdy is not just trusting…

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