Beware of Fake Chinese “Sterling Silver”

I have heard about this before. My friend bought some jewelry that the seller in the UK market swore was Sterling marked as well. People need to be very careful of faked silver and other jewelry as there is a lot of it around. Thank you for this post.

Native American Jewelry Tips


I just bought a bracelet on eBay that was listed as sterling silver. When I got it, I thought, no, this isn’t sterling silver…….I’m not an expert but I wear it all the time and this looked funny. I looked for hallmarks and there was a stamp that said “925” which I know is supposed to mean sterling silver.

Well just for my own peace of mind, I took it to a jeweler who is a really nice man – he said right away, No, but did the acid test and it was not silver of any kind, let alone sterling silver.

Then once I got looking at the bracelet, it didn’t look Native American made – it looked like a wannabe.

Do you know about this?


Hi Sheila,

Oh yeah. I know about this. Native American designs and hallmarks are copied every day over in Asia and…

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