Wise Words From A Ninja Rat

Trauma in life I think makes you kinder. I feel sorry for people that think because they had a difficult time they can take it out on others. I have never had it easy but it has taught me that the true value of being alive is to help others. To seek justice. Not to damage others. I simply do not understand those who do. I think a piece of their soul is missing.

Say No To Cyberstalking

I was watching TMNT with my son this morning and listening to Master Splinter as he tried to defeat his arch rival Shredder. Shredder made some comment about being so much stronger because of his rage to which Splinter responded “Rage is a fuel that burns quickly.” Those are pretty wise words from a talking rat and it got me thinking about something my family is currently experiencing.

I don’t know anyone whose has come close to my age that has not experienced injustices, traumas, been taken advantage of and used, had their heart broken, or suffered great loss. It’s pretty naïve to think as we age and experience more of what the world has to offer us that things don’t leave a mark, that our self-esteem doesn’t take a beating, and our views don’t change because of what we experience. With a bit of luck hopefully the positive experiences…

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