The Girl of My Dreams

Still laughing and yes you may pee and she is indeed lovely.


_0004_uglyladyMust be at least as handsome and stylish as the young lady pictured above…  I don’t want to set my standards too high or I won’t get any offers.  I have to admit, she does have a certain air of royalty about her.  It’s not what’s inside that counts.  It’s how she looks!  As you may have noticed, the woman pictured above exhibits rare (almost invisible) intelligence!

  • She must be between one and nine feet tall.  Six inch women need not apply without a visa or passport!
  • She should carry herself well, without any props: like gravity beams…
  • She must be able to name at least one of the six great lakes!  Just for the record, they are: Lake Fawn-Fairy-Oh. Lake Cheery, Lake Michelin, Lake Neuron, Lake Inferior, and Lake Weird, (It comes and goes).  If you have any trouble, please refer to this list!
  • Must never max out my credit card (ACME…

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