Permit me a quick rant as I walk the line

Sad that the system positively reinforces this attitude. All about the kudos and grants never about the knowledge. How much more could we know if it was about the work and support of others?


Permit me a rant aimed at mean-spirited researchers: As I walk the line

2014-10-24 21.36.52

As you know I am a research psychologist by training. However, I am not one in the everyday world of craziness. I have had the chance lately to work with a crazy group of psychologists that are probably on average twenty years older than I am.   Thus, at every turn they regard me as a junior. Although, I seem to have way more world experience than they all do combined.

They seem to have no understanding of what the real-world workplace looks like and how it runs.   No, not everyone has minions-oh, I mean-interns that one can just give all the grunt work (that you are too precious for) to.   Somehow, they think work gets magically done by some elves and one needs to drop everything when they so command.

Here is the thing, research psychologists (and…

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