You Don’t Need Bail Money For This!

Fair warning people do this crap to me I never invite them any where again. They aren’t worth it.

Shade But No Shade

If you haven’t guessed it, I’m talking about when ya homie/ya sister/ya brother/ya cousin/ya best friend/ya significant other BAILS ON YOU! That’s right. They put you in the holding cell because either they double booked you or they just didn’t know how to tell you no. Who knows, maybe they did have plans to chill/hang with you but something better came along.

Whatever the case is, you’ve become all too familiar with it. You know how it makes you feel. It’s probably just like how it makes me feel. When this happened to me before, I was a little disappointed.

A friend could always use a good talk with some drinks (innocent or not) as well as a good movie and dinner. But as I grew up (and still growing might I add!) I realized that there is no need to feel emotion towards being stood up because when…

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