The Basilisk Idea

Hope you get that patent sounds like a winner to me.



The ‘Basilisk’, more commonly known as: ‘The Jesus Lizard’, is named so because it can literally run across the surface of water!  So what if we could mimic a set of flippers that match this lizards form and flexibility?  Now nobody is going to expect you to be able to run across Lake Ontario.  It’s just too far…  Yet it could be done in a series of incriments, if you wore balloons on your arms to keep you afloat, and wore one of those water jets that could push you back up to the surface, so you can run again.  You could bring along a fishing rod, and wear a big, zip up pouch to put fish in, and you wouldn’t need a boat…  This would accomplish three things.  It would get you from point A to B as quickly as a boat, and faster than a car.  It would…

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