Robert Durst disgusting excuse


Last night I was appalled to see that this murderer’s lawyer is going to use the same excuse that got this murder off last time. ASPERGERS! This is really outrageous.

Robert Durst is about to get away with more murders. Using the badly understood condition known as Aspergers. This is a terrible precedent to set. How is the fact that he has Aspergers affect the fact that he murdered a man, cut him in pieces and tossed him in the water. Then he went on the lam. Now with this new arrest his lawyer is claiming the producers of the program where he admits while talking to himself and miked that he “killed them all”.  He has withdrawn cash in small bills, put them in several envelopes ready to mail. He had his passport and other documents and was reported to be planning to flee to Cuba.

These are all acts of an evil man who has gotten away with murder for too long using Aspergers as an excuse for his actions. This is an insult to all those afflicted with this condition.

Yes Robert where is the head and where is the head of those jurors that acquitted you? Shame on the American justice system where you can buy anything you want.

Here are the symptoms of Aspergers nowhere is murdering people and cutting them up. People with Aspergers have enough trouble with preconceived ideas of what they are and are capable of. I wish 48 Hours had challenged his lawyer on his claims.

We will see in this new trial if this evil man will finally see justice. He is evil period.


  1. Sinderella · March 22, 2015

    What a dickweed. The legal system (in my opinion) would do well if everyone who worked within it was required to be educated about the main psychological maladies that land so many people in front of a judge in the first (or second or 235th) place. Pull an Average Joe off the street and into a jury box and they’re not going to know what’s what when it comes to the inner workings of minds other than their own.

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  2. luckyotter · March 22, 2015

    Reblogged this on The Lucky Otter's Museum of Narcissism and commented:
    I agree with Gale how outrageous this is. This man is a psychopathic murderer who is using ASPERGERS as an excuse to get away with his heinous acts. Not only is he a raging liar, by using Aspergers as his excuse, he is giving that disorder a bad reputation and there will be those who will believe him. This murderer is no Aspie–he is a raging, dangerous, evil PSYCHOPATH.

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  3. adamjasonp · March 22, 2015

    Asperger’s is a syndrome known for anxiety and communication struggles. …How does that compute into murder? There’s no condition known to man to produce murder—it’s a conscious decision that speaks entirely of character.

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    • Kim Chartres · March 27, 2015

      Spot on. I know a fair bit about Autism & Asperger’s so this is outrageous. How dare this barbaric legal team use it as a legal defense. Clearly individuals with Aspergers know right from wrong. Some may have impulse control issues but as you said “There’s no condition known to man to produce murder—it’s a conscious decision that speaks entirely of character.” Of all the people I’ve known with the condition, they would self-harm before they hurt others.


      • Gale A. Molinari · March 28, 2015

        It is an absolute travesty and people with these conditions have enough to deal with without this absolute nonsense. It makes my blood boil.

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      • adamjasonp · March 28, 2015

        Eh, lawyers and psychos. They’ll spin anything.

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      • Gale A. Molinari · March 28, 2015

        Yup that is their job but how do they live with themselves getting dreck like this off??


      • adamjasonp · March 28, 2015

        One day at a time…lol. Ah, Rob Durst, trash.


  4. jennydevildoll · March 22, 2015

    Doesn’t sound like any Aspie I’ve ever met. But whatever his reasons actually were, it doesn’t matter to me, this scumbag is NOT someone who should be running around among the general population.


    • Gale A. Molinari · March 25, 2015

      He certainly should not he admitted to murdering one person that his money got him off on and is suspected in killing at least three others.


  5. mscassiopeia · March 28, 2015

    I can’t believe this!
    I know Asperger’s syndrome, but it never occurred to me that this condition can affect someone’s way of thinking.

    If the justice legal system are smart enough, this man should be locked up and they shouldn’t let this man blame the condition for his actions.

    It doesn’t make sense. I don’t believe people with Asperger’s would intentionally kill people.


    • Gale A. Molinari · March 28, 2015

      I don’t believe it for a second but I think with all the evidence against him his lawyer has nothing else. He did get off the murder in Galveston using this excuse which is insane. Jurors completely puzzle me sometimes.


  6. mscassiopeia · March 28, 2015

    The jurors are dumb. If he really had Asperger’s syndrome, he could be really smart like blaming his condition for all the killings.

    If this guy don’t get what he deserves, then I’ll completely lost my faith in the system.

    People with Asperger’s don’t lose their mind and kill people.
    Some of them are so smart, they could even get away with anything.
    They shouldn’t let this man free.

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    • Gale A. Molinari · March 28, 2015

      He got away with killing a man, chopping him up and disposing of the body then fleeing. How could the jury have bought that?? It is worrying.

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      • mscassiopeia · March 28, 2015

        Maybe they should start screening the jurors and have some requirements like a degree.

        I know how it works in jurors. Everybody should agree on one thing, if they can’t agree on a verdict, it will become a hung jury, that will then lead to a mistrial. I’ve observed proceedings and deliberation with a jury before.

        If one of them have their own agree, for example if someone there has a degree on criminology then he could explain the evidence to the other jury much better.

        If one of them is a doctor, then he could explain that Asperger’s syndrome, don’t lose their mind or their reality, then kill people.

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      • Gale A. Molinari · March 28, 2015

        I don’t think you need a degree you need common sense If they have a degree that can make them more prejudicial in my estimation.


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