Always Wear Underwear!

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Photo Credit: Michael 1952 via CC Flickr Photo Credit: Michael 1952 via CC Flickr

A good story can always brighten up your day…..

Always wear underwear in public, especially when working under your vehicle. A story was posted in a newspaper a while ago of a Brisbane couple who drove their car to a shopping center, only to have their car break down in the parking lot. The man told his wife to carry on with her shopping while he fixed the car.

The wife returned a while later to see a small group of people gathered near her car. On closer inspection, she saw a pair of hairy legs protruding from under the chassis.

Unfortunately, although the man was in shorts, his lack of underpants turned his private parts into glaringly public ones. Unable to stand the embarrassment, she dutifully stepped forward and quickly put her hand up his shorts, and tucked everything back into place.

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Junk In The Trunk

April 1st end of winter ? hahahahahahahahaha

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

trunkI’ve said all along that April 1 is the real First Day of Spring in Maine, Modern Philosophers.

With that in mind, I thought the proper thing to do on First Day of Spring Eve was to take all the junk out of my trunk.

There’s something about Zombie Car that makes it difficult to handle in the snow.

That “thing” could be the horrible driver behind the wheel, but it actually has something to do with it being front wheel drive or rear wheel drive.  Whatever.  I’m not a car guy.

The bottom line is that I was told to put extra weight in the trunk to keep the car from skidding out and fishtailing on snowy roads.

Since the local authorities frown on putting bodies in the trunk to solve this problem, I’ve resorted to filling the trunk with giant rocks from the grounds of The House on…

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Thank You Opinionated Man!

OM is like the guru of new bloggers. He really helps us with his advice and his articles that are thought provoking. Welcome to blogging. Enjoy it.

In My Words

I just want to write a short thank you to Opinionated Man, writer of Harsh Reality. Thank you for all the support and thank you for directing traffic/readers to my blog posts, my blog. Being new on here, I am still learning the ropes, I don’t completely understand it all, but I’m trying. I try to read as many blogs as I can. Through my whole blogging experience though, you Opinionated Man, have always read my work, commented on it, liked it, given me advice, and helped direct readers to my blog…. I appreciate that more than you know and if there’s ever anything I can ever do for you, just give me a shout out. Thank you so much again! And thank you to ALL my readers and followers!!! I appreciate the love more than you know! 

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Blown away

Wonderful post and really fabulous pictures.

Tootlepedal's Blog

Today’s guest picture was taken by my brother on the 3rd of March and shows snow in the Lake District then.  It snowed here today at the very end of the month.  So much for March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb.

BlencathraWhen I woke up at eight o’clock, it was a fine sunny day and it turned out later that Dropscone had had the foresight to get up early and enjoy his 20 mile morning pedal while the going was good.  Mind you, it was so windy that when he stood on his pedals and free-wheeled over a cattle grid on the top of a hill, his bike stopped dead.

By half past nine, it was raining. The rest of the day was a mixture of heavy rain, snow, hail and beautiful sunshine.  I tried to get the washing hung out at one point…

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