Social Media Nirvana of the Narcissist and Sociopath


social media and mental disorders

Social media just because of the nature of the beast is the heaven of the narcissist and sociopath. Hiding behind a profile where they can manipulate at will.They don’t have to give the usual physical clues that we associate with them. The narcissist can gather thousands of friends be the center of attraction and create a world where they are the queen or the king.
narcissist book

Unlike real life where they can be exposed for the liars they are they can create the perfect world and gain admirers. Their ramshackle apartment? No problem post something from a friend or a magazine. Work less than stellar? Well change from that shop clerk or MacDonalds server to a captain of industry, a lawyer anything you like. After all this is your world you can be whatever you say you are. Vacation a staycation in your house eating Cheetos in front of…

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