Revenge of the Nouns

Love your list I can add that I really no longer care what people think. Either they like me or don’t. Up to them.



As I age (totally gracefully, of course), I notice an ever-growing Pros and Cons List accumulating in my brain.

I’ve also notice one side of the list is getting much longer than the other.

The Pros (or what we gain as we get older):
More candles on your birthday cake


The Cons (or what we lose as we get older):
Keys and other stuff  – although I prefer to think of them as ‘in a safe place’, er, somewhere
Hair – it’s ok, it just migrates to your nose, ears and chin
Ability to ignore distractions
Cells and stem cells lose their luster
The battle with gravity
Nouns – this one is mysterious, you find yourself able to describe the noun in great detail – the thing you wear, in the…

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How Do You Stop Stressing?!?!

Stress can be a real killer and shorten your life. You need to schedule down time and try to not take on too much.

A Beautiful Disaster

I am, by nature, a worrier, highly anxious, and continuously analyzing my surroundings. I always try to stay one step ahead of any situation. I want to be in control, because if I’m not, I fear that things will not be done right. I take on too much.

Now, it seems, that this stress and worry is actually taking a toll on my health. Have you heard of such a thing? Well, the Today show was talking about it, and their story seemed to confirm things my doctor has been telling me for the past year. Could it be true that stress and worry can take such a toll on your body?

This article seems to hit the nail on the head for me. Wow! Who knew?

When I went for a run last March, I almost passed out. Now, mind you, I am a runner. Not hardcore, but not…

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Funny old World

funny old world

The world is strange
we made it that way
we sought to rearrange
and make it stay.

It’s a funny old place
Thats for sure
When we fight the race
and try to endure.

To fake it out
and make it seem
There is no doubt
it is a dream.

The Earth knows our hearts
our trouble fits
our empty starts
and lack of wits.

The honest man has his trials
Dishonest men succeeds
and By leaps and miles
Honest man lost in the weeds.


My daughter just made me cry.

I could not be happier for you. It made my evening.

Lucky Otters Haven

Molly and me in the car in April 2014. I was 2 months No Contact with my MN ex by then.

My daughter Molly got home from visiting some friends, and admitted that she had come across my blog back in December and read the article about her where I said I thought she was a malignant narcissist (I think I was mistaken about that).

I thought she’d be angry, but instead she told me that although it hurt her feelings, it was a wake up call too, and because of that article, she started to rethink some of her past behaviors. She had time to do that during her 30 day stint in jail too.

Then she actually thanked me. She said, “Mom, even though I was so hurt you thought I was a narcissist, I started to think you were right and realized I do act very narcissistic…

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Prison what got you there?


The prison cell clangs shut
stark dark reality
What brought you here?
Once the same as us
now locked away in a cell.
A number nothing more
There to serve out your time
Tick, tick, tick away
tick, tick, tick day by day.

Stretching out before you
in a long sequence of sameness
Serving out time for transgressions
What goes through your mind?
Do you think of those you wronged
Or do you think of yourself.
Your family?
Tick, tick, tick away
Tick, tick, tick day by day.

Will this time really serve
to stop you from further ruin
or will it speed you down the path
You started in freedom
The guards look through
Straight through you
For you aren’t really you
Tick, tick, tick away
Tick, tick, tick day by day.

For death awaits us all


For those who have loved and lost
and those who mourn
There comes the time when all cost
to all who are here earth born.

We live we love we die
Minute by minute day by day
and laugh and cry
The time away.

Much too soon it comes the call
to each both rich and poor
it comes to all
To every door

You cannot run or hide
or buy your way out
For death dear pride
Is all about.

So love this day and taste
give joy here and above
For in its hurried haste
We lose that which we love.