How Do You Stop Stressing?!?!

Stress can be a real killer and shorten your life. You need to schedule down time and try to not take on too much.

A Beautiful Disaster

I am, by nature, a worrier, highly anxious, and continuously analyzing my surroundings. I always try to stay one step ahead of any situation. I want to be in control, because if I’m not, I fear that things will not be done right. I take on too much.

Now, it seems, that this stress and worry is actually taking a toll on my health. Have you heard of such a thing? Well, the Today show was talking about it, and their story seemed to confirm things my doctor has been telling me for the past year. Could it be true that stress and worry can take such a toll on your body?

This article seems to hit the nail on the head for me. Wow! Who knew?

When I went for a run last March, I almost passed out. Now, mind you, I am a runner. Not hardcore, but not…

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