Victims of sociopathic personalities


Blessed are the meek

Victims of sociopathic and psychopathic personalities have a lot in common. Usually these are naive people. The young, elderly, lonely are their prey. Also among those hunted are the kind hearted rescuers that need to help. They ride in on their white horse never knowing that the maiden in distress is a a troll in disguise. They are the people that can’t say no. They just don’t have enough belief in themselves. The disenfranchised and isolated are also prey.

These personalities can’t empathize that part of their brain just never develops or is stunted. They have very little feeling too so they need to ramp up things to feel anything. Pain is their pleasure. They enjoy seeing people hurt and I think that is why most of their victims don’t understand. It isn’t that they don’t want to feel for you it is that they can’t.

Many of these people…

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