Questions, Questions, Questions

Sociopaths stop at nothing to get what they want. Usually it is entertainment to them to destroy the lives of others.


Everyday I can look at my Stat report and in this report it also list ‘search terms’. This is how people, like you find my website. Below I will list some of the most common search terms {questions} with answers. Most of them I have already written post about and will link back to them underlined in blue. 

I hope some of these questions & answers will help give you clarity, and also to understand there are many, many, many people who are or were involved with a Narcissistic Sociopath and the damage done by them is life-long. You are not alone! There is no one word magic answer to help you. However, the more you educate yourself on Sociopaths, the more you start learning to accept you could never have changed them, or the outcome, the easier it will be to start healing.

Most common question is:


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