‘Mahomet en une du Charlie Hebdo de mercredi’: In Controversial New Cover The Big Mo Himself Holds Sign Saying ‘I Am Charlie’

pundit from another planet


Translation from French to English:

The next issue of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, the first since the terrorist attack that decimated the… writing is completed.

Charlie Hebdo will be well on the newsstands on Wednesday 14th January. As every week. The journalists of the satirical weekly cordoned off around 21:30 Monday their first edition since the attack that killed 12 people, Wednesday, January 7 in Paris. In these exceptional circumstances, the number ( 1178 ) will be drawn 3 million copies.


“All Is Forgiven. I Am Charlie”

Hosted in the premises of Liberation, writing resumed work on Friday with the aim of showing that Charlie Hebdo is not dead. The design of a designed by Luz is the Prophet Mohammed holding a sign “I’m Charlie.” Associated with the drawing, comments: “All is forgiven”.

Note: this is computer-translated from the original French into English, some of the phrasing…

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