Be careful of who you friend on the internet.


Four old ladies on the internet

Isn’t it funny how people behind a blog or a Facebook profile can hide their true selves? We friend people without really knowing them and sometimes become friends without ever meeting. I have made some wonderful friends on social media, I have also met some real characters that were very skillful at hiding their true selves until they slipped up.

Narcissists and sociopaths love social media. I think it is because you can fool people more easily without the physical clues we have when we meet face to face. When you meet a person in real life you can get a vibe from the cues they give. The kind of smile, how they look at you, the firmness of a handshake. We also really only know what they choose to share. They could have any kind of a history that most times stays in the back round. Why is it…

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  1. Kaine Andrews · January 8, 2015

    Being an equal opportunity misanthrope, I tend to find myself questioning these sort of “friends” from both sides (the catfishy questionable internet personality and their devotee or paramour.) Psychos will be psychos; while it may be fun, amusing or just survival instinct to study them and what they’re up to, I end up questioning the people who oh-so-readily decide that such individuals are trustworthy, even when evidence begins mounting to the contrary.
    The most spectacular example I can think of regarding this is a lady I once knew who started chatting with a “gentleman” over Xbox Live. She ended up breaking off a three year relationship to fly out and meet this man, had a one night stand, then was shocked when he stopped talking to her, and started bragging about his conquest to other individuals in their gaming clan. One of the other members of the group started a sympathy party, telling her how terrible what had happened to her was. Within a month, she’d moved to his country and married him. Was duly surprised when he turned out to be ridiculously unstable and abusive. She moved back – eventually – then went back to the gaming clan. Yet another member started messaging her, and unlike the first two, didn’t even try to be subtle; it was all sexting and graphic images. She flew across country and was surprised to discover he had a wife when she turned up on his doorstep.

    There’s plenty of nutjobs and untrustworty idiots on the internet… But people who put trust in them give them their power.


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