…sum’where along the line, I must have fallen out with the music Gods, Apollo and Pan…

Thank your lucky stars my music teacher gave up on me when I was seven. Told my parents I was not “musically inclined”. I think that means reading music escapes me and I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

Seumas Gallacher

…this ol’ Jurassic has few enuff talents to crow about, so when I have sum’thing I do reasonably well, I’m not averse to telling yeez… in my youth I was a reasonable tenor, and competed with considerable success singing in Gaelic at the Scottish National Mod Festivals… the LUV of Celtic music has been a source of great pleasure over the years… and with typical Master Gallacher immodesty, I can still hold the correct keys when I warble… however, that voice talent for lyricism went wildly AWOL whenever I attempted (hundreds of times) to replicate it on musical instruments… a modest early skill with the school orchestra viola lasted only two or three years… over the past forty years, I have owned prob’ly upwards of a coupla dozen guitars, acoustic and electric…

guitar 1

…Gibsons, Fenders, you name it, some of the better brands… all of which I ultimately donated…

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