Stranger Danger on the internet

strangers on the internet

The internet is a great source for children if used correctly there is a lot of educational material available to them as well as learning tools. Unfortunately there are also those that troll the internet looking for young people to victimize. They should never be on the internet on their own unsupervised. Computers should be in the family room not in a bedroom where they can contact anyone that they happen across. You don’t let your children call random strangers on the phone or talk to anyone they meet without you being there why should the internet be any different.

Unsupervised children also can become victims of cyber bullies either from school or chat rooms, groups or clubs they join on line. If they are and it goes undetected the results can be tragic. Talk to your kids find out what they are doing online. Join the same groups they are in. They don’t like it too bad. You are the parent not a friend and their safety should be your first concern.The internet is not a good babysitter unless you like pedophiles as baby sitters. If you see someone coming on to an obviously young person speak up. You don’t want to see a child being hurt or bullied by trolls. It can happen very easily.

We are all a community and as with any community we should be looking out for younger people not looking the other way if we see them doing something dangerous. If you see a parent on their profile contact them but if they seem to be on their own and being bullied or stalked report it. Might not make you popular but I would much rather have someone mad at me than a kid that goes missing or worse.

Parents take computer classes if you don’t know how the technology works. Get a friend that is computer savvy to teach you about how social media. A lot of people let their children use the internet with no clue of how social media and computers work. You should know as much or more than they do so they can’t pull the wool over your eyes.

Internet safety

The only reason I am posting this is because of a recent story I read about a teen that met someone on line playing video games and was murdered. You can find software to monitor your children’s internet use as well.
Here are some reviews. Bless your kids and may they always be safe


  1. cornfedcontessa · January 5, 2015

    Thanks for sharing Gale. I have a 15 year old and was sickened when I read the article about the boy in the UK. How very sad.


  2. cornfedcontessa · January 5, 2015

    Reblogged this on cornfedcontessa and commented:
    This is really important info if you have kids at home.


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