The Christmas Truce of 1914


Football in No-Man's-Land during 1914 Christmas TruceYou’re as close to hell on earth as you can get, stuck in a frozen muddy trench a few hundred metres across from a bunch of blokes trying to kill you.

It’s five months into a conflict so devastating they’ll call it the Great War and — at least for the next twenty years — the war to end all wars.

Memories of home are still relatively fresh. If you try hard enough you can still conjure up the taste of a Sunday roast, the comfort of a soft bed, the smell of your lover’s hair.

You shouldn’t have to rely on memory. This was all supposed to be over by Christmas.

Yet here you are. It’s Christmas. And it doesn’t look like you’re going home any time soon.

There’s no manual for this kind of war. For want of ground to be gained, both sides dig in. Literally dig…

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  1. Paladin Justice · December 22, 2014

    Sainbury’s has a video memorializing the Truce. It was Christianity that momentarily united the two sides in WWI on Christmas Eve. I have it covered on my site:


    • Paladin Justice · December 22, 2014

      I should add the video is only a few minutes long, but it may make you cry. It’s very moving.

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      • Gale A. Molinari · December 22, 2014

        I was at the Boston Pops last weekend and they did a piece based on this. It was incredibly moving.


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