Malignant narcissism and the supernatural: a connection?

I believe there is negative energy in the world as there is positive energy. This has been proved by physics. Now if these two exist it seems to follow that some people have more negative energy and attract the same. It could also be that these people are controlled more by the reptilian brain. There are those out there that have no empathy and could care less about others. They are the predators. They have no more feelings for others than a python would for a rat. Evil? Maybe it is just another word for negative energy. These people are attracted to the dark side which I believes exists. They enjoy the mental and physical pain of others and will do anything to get that satisfaction. Fascinating post.

Lucky Otters Haven


WARNING: This is a dark and highly disturbing topic for many people. If discussions about evil entities, the demonic or the supernatural bothers you, I suggest not reading this blog post to avoid being triggered.

I’ve discussed the subject of evil and narcissism before, but today a commenter called Truthteller brought up this subject again in the comments section of another blog post (I can’t find his or her blog if they even have one).

Truthteller was wondering if disorders like malignant narcissism and/or multiple personality disorder (MPD) have a possible supernatural explanation, such as an evil or foreign entity taking up residence inside a person. This commenter suggested that severe abuse during childhood, which can cause both MPD (a splintering of the original personality into two or more subpersonalities) and NPD (dissociative as well because the true self is shut off or hidden by false personalities or masks)…

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