You say you want a revolution… part 4…

Pouring My Art Out

Yes, once again I am running the risk of calling down upon my crack squirrel-stuffed cranium the wrath of the WordPress Overlords, by fomenting revolution against their new, unwanted changes.

How many times have I had to do this? I can’t even remember.

I have taken it upon myself to create a new corporate logo for the good people at WordPress…

a 1 a 4

I am not trying to be mean-spirited, but these changes are horrible… especially if you are a computer moron like me. I just wish that WordPress would spend more time pressing words and less time pressing their hands over their ears. Many of us are feeling very ignored. We know you pay people, and they have to justify their salaries by doing some kind of work… but are these changes only aimed at the high-end users who pay for expensive themes? I mean, to be brutally honest, it wasn’t like…

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