Pretty White Girl and Boyfriend Facing Death By Firing Squad in China

When will people learn to respect other countries when they travel. The world is not a safe place. Ignorance is really no excuse. Now this young girl may be facing the end of her life. People wander all over like fools then their governments and we the citizens have to pay to get said fools out. I am sorry for the good people that really are trying to do good in other places but really your country is so perfect you can’t find people to help where you live? Every parent with a child that is going out into the world needs to sit their children down and have a hard talk about reality. Shame hers didn’t.


  1. Paladin Justice · December 6, 2014

    With your blog you can play a role in helping to wake up Western women to the dangers of behaving foolishly.


    • Gale Molinari · December 6, 2014

      I try to get women to understand their power and to not make foolish mistakes. I found it interesting you did not mention the young man. Is that because she was young and pretty? Young men can be foolish too and they should be cautioned. They usually are much more fool hardy. I wonder what the full story was. Did she follow his lead? Ordinarily it is the female following the male which of course it the ultimate foolishness. Decisions should never be made by following another.


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