Narcissists and cleanliness

Interesting. I had a mother in law like that she ironed underwear. I am sort of a lackadaisical person and she couldn’t change me. She ran behind people if they sat on the special couch and fluffed the pillows up. We have her furniture now. I reupholstered it as yellow silk ages no matter what you do with it. She would be have seizures to see my four dogs sleeping on it. I know it may not be nice but it really gives me a lot of pleasure. 🙂 Enemas are horrible things I was the oldest and they did it to me once. It is sick. I got so upset my parents never used it again on any of us so I know what you mean. She must have really been narcissistic to put you through that but they can only feel their needs. Well written as usual and heart wrenching. Must have been difficult to share.

Lucky Otters Haven


I read an interesting post about Joan Crawford over at Five Hundred Pound Peep’s blog. Crawford was definitely a histrionic malignant narcissist even though most sources say she had BPD (another Cluster B disorder that can mimic and is easily confused with the histrionic form of narcissism). The issue of Crawford’s obsession with cleanliness and order was raised.

There seem to be two kinds of narcissists: those, like my ex, who are complete slobs who refuse to lift a finger around the house and expect everyone else to pick up their mess for them; and those, like my MN mother (and Crawford), who are obsessed with cleanliness and order.

I’m going to talk about the second type.

My mother’s house was like a museum–it was all for show. Even magazines on the coffee table were forbidden because it was “clutter.” Family photos were consigned to bedrooms only because she felt…

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  1. luckyotter · December 6, 2014

    Love your intro! And thanks for reblogging me again. 🙂


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