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Today’s society seems to be composed of people that only live for themselves. Empathy and Sympathy seem to be out of fashion. It is sad because the most joy you can get is from helping others. Children don’t play any more so I think that they are not learning the give and take that is natural in play. Seems that everything revolves around competition and they are regimented to a point that they don’t have time to deal with others and have the social skills and the ability to see others point of view.

Games are on a computer screen with only ME. School is all about getting the best grades so ME comes out on top. ME needs to follow celebrities and get the best clothes. Value of a person revolves around whether or not they have red soles on their shoes or initials on their handbags or sneakers. ME needs to go for beauty treatments and God forbid anyone get a wrinkle we need to make sure ME stays young. There is no time to spend with small children as ME has a career. Me needs the gym and ME needs to get the best of food and beverage. ME doesn’t give a thought to the poor or the sick. Could never happen to ME after all.

Selfish people

It isn’t surprising then that we have so many narcissists and sociopaths today. The society is narcissistic. Churches and other houses of worship used to be the center stone of family and social life but with the turning away from religion the religion of ME has reigned supreme.

Cheap grace narcissist

To my way of thinking we need to find our values again. Not necessarily religion but an empathetic and sympathetic society. WE need to care about others. WE need to find joy in charity. WE need to find love in family and friends. Otherwise WE as a society will eventually decline into a soulless, sad society.

There is a lot of hope, we see many stories of children volunteering to do wonderful kind things for people. Acts like this need to be encouraged. Perhaps a little bit of imaginative, non structured, good old fashioned play could be added to their day. I hope so. I think they they deserve it.


  1. amommasview · December 4, 2014

    I agree and it is another reason for us to home-school… The pressure on the kids in school nowadays is huge. There is hardly any room left to still be a child. Still I believe that there is hope…

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  2. luckyotter · December 4, 2014

    We certainly do live in a society that rewards–and encourages–narcissism. Very scary.

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  3. marilynmunrow · December 5, 2014

    Reblogged this on Marilyn Munrow and commented:
    Unfortunately this is so true in todays society. a lot of people are so interested in ME, that they will do anything to further their own advancement of ME, that they are even, in my experience, prepared to lie, cheat and degrade people to make themselves, their own ME, look better and bigger, more powerful and of course more attractive. What is the world going to be like in the future, if people like these ME people dont grow up and let people be what they want to be. Let others help people and be sensitive. This is the way forward.

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  4. ally1lakeside · December 5, 2014

    I would do anything to help others; that is the whole reason I came to WordPress and well, I have learned so much about the “ME” attitude. I get pleasure out of helping others . I was brought up to help others in need, always be available for friends and to respect them so I think it comes naturally to me. Many people are so self-centred and selfish


  5. ally1lakeside · December 5, 2014

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  6. Gale A. Molinari · March 12, 2015

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  7. oh2bhuman · March 12, 2015

    I agree wholeheartedly!!!


  8. Erica Herd · March 12, 2015

    So true.


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