Finish that fairy tale… Part three… Or maybe the final chapter… Because it is hard to tell if you are all busy, or if this just isn’t that good of an idea…

No idea why I didn’t see the other two I love a good fairy tale.

Crrrrrrrrk awwwwwk rrrrrrrrippppp one claw, two claws. Then the top of a head a very large head. It was the Monster Troll and had been released. Chomp, munch, crunch scream. My little boys, nosy little boys are so tasty. As it lumbered out of the house and into the woods it saw the grandfather. He had been a royal swordsman and fought the troll with all his might. They rolled and swiped and hollered and yelled which brought all the other villagers. The troll then ate them all one by one. There were no condiments but the troll found them quite delicious but salty which made him very thirsty. So he trundled off to find a pub to quench his thirst.

Pouring My Art Out

Once upon a time, there was a young boy who lived in the woods with his grandfather. One day, while playing in the forest, he found a very large egg. The egg was colored with purple swirls of many shades, and was almost as big as the little boy. The boy rolled the egg to his grandfather’s house and the rolled it inside and close to the fire. Before the boy’s grandfather returned from town, the boy, who was busy doing his chores, heard the egg begin to crack open…

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David Cronenberg on Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”

Brilliant analogy to aging. You can be trapped or embrace it. The cruelty is that between your ears and to yourself you are never an advanced age. Quite a conundrum. - by F. Kaskais

By Marcie Gainer

David Cronenberg writes at The Paris Review:

I woke up one morning recently to discover that I was a seventy-year-old man. Is this different from what happens to Gregor Samsa in The Metamorphosis? He wakes up to find that he’s become a near-human-sized beetle (probably of the scarab family, if his household’s charwoman is to be believed), and not a particularly robust specimen at that. Our reactions, mine and Gregor’s, are very similar. We are confused and bemused, and think that it’s a momentary delusion that will soon dissipate, leaving our lives to continue as they were. What could the source of these twin transformations possibly be? Certainly, you can see a birthday coming from many miles away, and it should not be a shock or a surprise when it happens. And as any well-meaning friend will tell you, seventy is just a number. What…

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That is hysterical.



“I had to meet you,” He said.

“Why?” I answered in amazement.

“Because, you’ve got more blog views, than I do.”

“I just don’t get it,” Bob Dole said.  “I was vice president and later ran for president.”

“I’m sorry, Senator Dole.  I really don’t know why, either.”

I liked the affable, former vice president and senator.  I’d never seen a more gracious political loser.  Why was he haunting my dreams?

“Is it Mr. Dole, or should I call you Vice President Dole, or Senator Dole?

“Oh heck, Son, I’m not in the spotlight anymore–just call me Bob.”

The picnic had to go on.  I needed to say something appropriate.

“Let me reiterate how important Bob Dole’s WWII generation was to me and other “baby boomers” like me.  You guys and gals taught us the value of hard work;  to respect others, the importance of family, and to honor our country.”

The weirdest…

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Their Story!

People who are living their own dream don’t have time to tear someone else’s down.

Sometimes I pretend to be Normal

Their Story

How many times have you had someone try to undermine you? I know I certainly have.

I think these words are truth. When someone criticizes you or anyone else, they are really revealing something about themselves. In reality, this is their story, not yours. Their issues, not yours. Their unfulfilled dreams not yours.

So when you hear someone predicating your doom… just smile because you know they are really just telling you their story.

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