Brilliant Ferguson are you listening?

Mum C Writes


These natural black overalls

These natural white overalls

These natural brown overalls

These natural yellow overalls

Are just overalls like all overalls

We wear them to cover worldly alls

And take them off for earth to blend

Then our souls are seen as one

Who fights for packaging

When all they do is package?

We end up bickering for nothing

And neglect the purpose of our journey

I’m black, I white

I’m poor, I’m rich

I’m ignorant, I’m literate

Which soil, six feet under, knows these?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

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Architectural poetry I love it. Please see my poetry series Obsessesed you may like it.

Mum C Writes

Photo by Julia Manuel Photo by Julia Manuel


Smiled bright

Sending flights

Of blood

To crush




Called me

From angles

And I rushed

Thinking not

To his feet



Used me

As his rag

And threw me out

Only to pick me up

After I was washed clean



I have seen

With my own eyes

The light that beckon

And I’ve made him my foot mat

Why does he wince like a wounded girl?



Or stay?

Whatever his decision

I could care less

I’m stepping

And step, I must

He no longer blocks my sky

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

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November 29th – 1 more follower to 100!!!

Do yourself a favor be number 100 on this great blog!

Sara Phoenix

Hey folks,

I’m a little excited! 2 reasons… Firstly, I have 99 followers on this blog now! Only 1 more to go to my target of 100 by the end of the year! Please share as much as possible, would love to hit the 100 mark!

Secondly, I have a nice new shiny phone 😀 The Sony Xperia Z3, and it’s awesome, I highly recommend it!

So I’ve had a good day today 🙂 my mood is good, and in general am feeling good. Last night I felt really ill all of a sudden, so panic did set in a little bit! But luckily whatever it was I slept it off. Absolutely shattered now though for some reason; has been quite a busy day I guess.

I don’t really know what else to write about today; not had any more questions, so got nothing to answer…. hmm…

Today is 234…

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I have Facebook and have met some wonderful people but it can represent a mental ward at times.

See, there's this thing called biology...


Aha! I’m not sorry at all, but I thought this was cute.  I am not so fond of Facebook, it’s a bit like the mean girls in junior high deciding who rates and who doesn’t, who’s in the club today and who isn’t. People compete for likes and political correctness and there is much angst and melodrama. I don’t like drama, drama annoys me and I just want to slap people, which of course, you can’t do on Facebook. They really should get a “slap me” button. That would be much more fun.

I got into FB mostly to keep in touch with some people, some groups, and to keep an eye on my kids. I had no idea we would become the commodity in the equation, the human guinea pigs for psychological experiments, the data for advertisers, law enforcement, and the government. It astounds me how many people seem…

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It amazes me how people put their dirty laundry on social media have they no clue it stays there forever? Keep your business your business. If hubby or wife cheats, dump them or keep them but blame them not everyone else. A marriage should be between two people not the entire internet. Guess some have no pride and must parade their lives all over. These folks should get a clue and stop embarrassing themselves and the rest of them with their personal business. It makes me cringe.

See, there's this thing called biology...

Cheating, affairs, melodrama is a big issue on the internet right now. There’s these love triangles everywhere, except with social media they become more like a love hexagon or something. People really do this thing, they bring their affairs to the internet world and attempt to rally allies and co-conspirators, and to confess, or to  attempt to justify their affairs after the fact, as if right or wrong can be determined by a public opinion poll.

When I first got married I discovered my husband had a really expanded definition of “cheating” and for some reason I just followed his lead. It turns out there was some real wisdom there. Cheating is not looking at somebody pretty, but rather putting other things before your relationship. On the female side of things, there is golf adultery, football adultery, work-a-holic adultery, addiction adultery, gaming adultery, emotionally remote adultery. On the male side…

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