The Narcissist Enters Holiday Season…You Better Watch Out

So true it seems they are rustling around frustrated at being ignored so they think all blog posts are about them.

Soul Healing Art

Oh my silly, silly Narcissist, look at you all atwitter, symbolic plumage all in a knot

A simple refrain peck, peck, pecking at your brain – “How can I go on?” “How can I go on?”

As you know, Holiday season is upon us with so much fuss

What to do when it seems the season is not responding to your reason?

How could this happen when you always take extra special care with your particular brand of flare?

What do to my silly, silly Narcissist? What to do?

You could take a long, long winter nap and save us all from your steel trap.

But this will never do- not for you, my silly, silly Narcissist, not for you

Visions of sweet drama dance in your head to claim your stead

Shall you throw a fit? Produce a snit? Have a conniption that will never quit?

What to do…

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