The Nano Poblano Oddly Specifically Gratitude Blog Hop Day: 27

Galesmind here. Thanks Willdot21 for tagging me for gratefulness.
1. Finding WordPress and some really great writers I now consider my friends.
2. Discovering my voice and poetry again
3. Rescues for their unseflishness and my four dogs and a cat.
4. Clean water from the Catskills that magically shows up in my tap
5. Not having to kill things to eat
6. My home
7. My family including my husband and best friend
8. Facebook for my friends there who have become real friends
9. Living in a society where I can be a person and not the chattel or property of another
10. Technology oh I love that stuff
11. Retirement so I can be my own person at last.

I would like to tag

Lucky Otter was my first follow on WordPress and I learn so much from her.  Just a privilege to be on the same blog as she is.




The Nano Poblano Oddly Specific Gratitude Blog Hop

Thanks to grandmalin for tagging me to continue this rather impressive list of gratefulness.  I’m happy to have discovered so many new blogging friends, especially the ones who are drunk on life.  There is no better way to be.

Here are the rules

Add to the list with your own oddly specific bits of gratitude. Add as few or as many things as you’d like. Include a picture or two if you’d like… but you certainly don’t have to. Put your name at the top of the list to see where yours started and the next blogger’s begins.Tag the post with the usual pepper tags and oddly specific gratitude. Tag another pepper to add to the list by linking to their About page, but there’s a catch! When you tag the next blogger, be sure to include a bit about why you’re grateful to be…

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