Living with Gratitude not negativity

negativity butterfly

What is it with negative people? Always looking for something to complain about. You know the type if the sun is out they might get a sunburn. If it is raining their hair gets frizzy or their arthritis acts up. They hate everybody and everything.

There is so much to be grateful for. We live in a time where most of us have enough to eat, clean water is delivered to our homes. We don’t have to work sun up to sun down just to make enough to feed ourselves. With all the appliances in the kitchen cooking takes at most a couple of hours instead of days. Our lifespan is twice what it was just a couple of generations ago. Most of us have access to health care of some kind. A lot of people are lucky enough to own a bit of property. We go on vacations unheard of except for the very wealthy in the recent past. Our children survive being born and thrive for the most part. We have authorities to protect us and the individual doesn’t have to protect himself from robbery and murder. Entertained all day long with television and electronic devices. Thinking nothing of jumping in a car and going hundreds of miles. Education is the norm for most people today when even literacy used to be only for the very few. Although far from perfect most countries have freedom of religion.

Other parts of the world are not so lucky. People live in fear every day. Getting enough to eat is a challenge. Many die from lack of just clean water. Thousands are murdered in the name of religion. Education specially for women is unheard of. Many cannot read and are at the mercy of their male relatives. People work long hard days at physical labor just to bring home enough money for a bit of food. They die at a young age for a lack of any proper medical care.

Perhaps we should take a minute and be thankful that we live in the society we do instead of complaining all the time about what we don’t have.


  1. Julia Manuel · November 26, 2014

    Strong voice, well said Gale xo


  2. ally1lakeside · November 27, 2014

    Well said and well written. Today being Thanksgiving to many of my friends, is a day we should ALL be thankful for what we have. I really appreciate my life, even the bad because that is making some sad troll happy and we should always make sure others are happy eh?


  3. ally1lakeside · November 27, 2014

    Reblogged this on ally1lakeside and commented:
    I know daily life can be a drudge for us all at times but if you have a roof over your head, food to feed your family and love in abundance then be thankful. I have so much to be thankful for and even the Troll who tries to create a buzzing in my head is happy if she is annoying me so I am making her life better too.


  4. marilynmunrow · January 6, 2015

    Reblogged this on Marilyn Munrow and commented:
    You got it sugar.


  5. jcckeith · January 6, 2015

    It is unfortunate that most do not appreciate what they have until they no longer have it.


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