Two weeks down, Nano Poblano, time to hop in and volunteer

I consider it an honor to be asked. I am a complete novice at this but I am having such a great time!! I haven’t missed a day although it may have been in another time zone once or twice!! I really appreciate all the encouragement. I love writing and listening to other peoples ideas. Join us!! You will be happy you did.

Mark Bialczak

Fish of Gold

The fun continues as week two of Nano Poblano concludes, Team Pepper. Interesting posts abound. My click finger may never be the same.

Our three Little Pepper Blog Hops are still jumping between squad members.

As you recall, Fish of Gold started our ball rolling with a short story opportunity.

I came in thereafter with the Name Game.

And quite soon after that, Nerd in the Brain jumped in with the list of oddly specific gratitudes.

Many of you have participated in one. Two. All. Fun. Am I right?

But in the several days, Love Marriage Worms had the damndest time after posting her addition to the Blog Hop Story, coming up with more than one dry lead trying to find another writer to extend the tale.

Later last night I breathed a little easier when she found a willing writer, galesmind.

Still later, I received notice…

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