Discarding your false self and embarking on a interior journey

Odd I have been an introvert for most of my life but I find I am going more outside myself as I get older. Does the reverse happen??

Intelligent Introvert

take-off-mask-2Last night my partner read me an excerpt from a book she is reading entitled My Love Affair with England by Susan Allen Toth.  The passage describes the author’s change in seasons – where she turned 50 and began to view her life with curiosity realizing that she had an increased need for solitude and privacy.  She drew back from parties and public gatherings as well as occasions where she was required to “perform.”  She even began to question whether her bubbly social personality had been real or just for show.  As she grappled with this disconcerting question, a friend of hers summarized it this way “It’s simple.  Jung could tell you about that.  You’re simply discarding your false self and embarking on an interior journey.  It’s that time of life.” (Carl Jung, was a very influential psychologist and classic introvert).

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