Sexting is it cheating?


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One of the things I really don’t understand is sexting and why someone would compromise a committed relationship to do it. To me cheating is cheating. If someone sends pictures it isn’t just flirting it is sharing something that belongs to a person you are committed to. Some people can’t deal with the fact that they are in a relationship with a cheater so they make excuses. It is only sexting, it is the other persons fault if he (she) didn’t chase after my significant other they wouldn’t do these behaviors.

Sorry no one can make someone cheat on you. Put that blame where it belongs. Face the facts. If you do this think about it. You are putting very embarrassing stuff out there that will be the other person’s property forever it can be used against you to ruin your relationship. Is it really worth it?

How do you feel? I have been married for a very long time. This has never been an issue nor has any form of cheating. I really can’t have a person around me that I can’t trust. If that had happened it would be adios muchachos.

Perhaps I am out of step with the times is sexting just flirting? Is it ok if it is just words and someone doesn’t send pictures of things that are private? How would you feel if your partner did this? Would you do it? Is it the thrill of the forbidden?

What if you make the person angry you are sexting aren’t you taking a huge chance??

In the end I really think it is a dangerous silly thing to do. I really would like your thoughts on as I think it is an interesting subject.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. insanitybytes22 · October 24, 2014

    LOL, yes sexting is cheating, especially if you’re doing it with somebody other then your spouse! So is phone sex, porn obsessions, maybe even emotional relationships with other people that start to take precedent over your own relationship? I don’t know about that last one, but I think some lines can be crossed there, too.

    Of course “cheating” is something that has to be defined by individual couples. I’m not going to tell anybody else what’s right or wrong in their own relationships.

    The whole naked photo scandal, even sent to loved ones, kind of makes me laugh. Seriously people, do you really want to risk having some hacker perusing your naked selfies? Ah, but perhaps the risk of exposure is what motivates them, I don’t know.


    • galemolinari · October 24, 2014

      Exactly my thought I can’t wrap my head around sending someone naked pictures. It just seems stupid to me. Some people must enjoy it though a lot do it. Maybe it is exciting to take chances like that. Thanks for the comment!! I enjoyed it!!


      • mazoomamilly · October 24, 2014

        If you are sexting with anybody other than the person who you are surposed to love, then yet it is cheating. I have no idea why anybody would even want to do it with a stranger they met on a social networking site to be honest.

        Perhaps the person who is doing it just wants to brighten up their own dull little lives, or is it a game where they hope their spouse catches them? I surpose any sort of excitement is good to a narcissist?


  2. mazoomamilly · October 24, 2014

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    I think any form of communication with the opposite sex, where they are complimentary and talking of sex is cheating. I know of a case on facebook where a man had been sexting everything in a skirt, and when his wife found out about it, of course he denied it at first, but then admitted it, as she know of his past behaviour in doing this, over and over again. YES SEXTING IS CHEATING IN MY EYES. I would not put up with it from my partner. If you are in a loving relationship, why would you want to do this? I have no idea, but i think some people do it to just brighten up their dull little lives.


  3. allabouteve16 · October 25, 2014

    Totally agree. |If you are messaging people of the opposite sex behind your partner’s back, especially if the talk is flirty etc then it is unfaithful. Sending sexy pictures or talking sexy with another woman or man of the opposite sex is cheating because they should only have eyes for their beloved. I cannot understand people who take photos of their naked body or parts at all; why they do it God only knows but then to send them to someone else is sick. The sad thing though is that some people see their partners as idols or gods so they allow them to continue which is ridiculous.


  4. mmonrow · October 27, 2014

    Of course it is cheating unless you are some kind of real idiot and defend the cheater and attack their contacts. Really stupid sugar


    • galemolinari · October 27, 2014

      Thank you. I think everyone has agreed so far so I can’t understand why anyone would think it was ok for a partner to do. Each to their own I suppose.


  5. marilynmunrow111 · October 29, 2014

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  6. allabouteve16 · October 30, 2014

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