Facebook and social media friends are they the real deal??


Facebook and other social media platforms are a great place to meet people and exchange ideas. Social media is now having the same effect on society as the printing press did in it’s time. I have met so many wonderful people but you do need to be careful of who is who and what they pretend to be. Behind a profile is the ideal place for a predator, pedophile, scam artist, narcissist or sociopath to ply their deeds. That person you are friending may be anyone with any agenda. In some cases people that as children ruled the playground now find their outlet to bully or to denigrate others. It makes them feel big and important when in reality they are nothing.

You can also meet the most generous, caring wonderful people and make lifelong friends. I know I have. Several of them live within traveling distance from us and we see each other often.

How do you tell the difference? There are several ways. One is to look at the profile and the pictures that are there. Do they interact with others? Are there family pictures? Put the name in Google and see what comes up. There is also a program called Tineye where you can see if the picture is genuine. Most people on social media are there just to have fun and socialize don’t let this frighten you just be careful as you would meeting any strangers anywhere else.

As always monitor your children’s activity closely while on the internet. You would not allow them to dial the phone and call strangers, why would you let them pull them up on social media? Monitor and join any groups they are in. Look over their shoulder. Is your child becoming secretive around the computer? Do they whisper to their friends? Just use your parental wiles and intuition. Also make sure you are educated about what is going on in their world. Don’t know computers? Take a class. Talk to other parents. Let your children know you care and you won’t let them become victims.

Don’t become a victim yourself thoroughly check anyone that wants to friend you. It is a way spammers and hackers get access to your profile. Never friend someone you cannot confirm. Be careful of anyone you see denigrating others. Are you next??

Enjoy your time on social media it is a wonderful place to meet people but be careful out there. We want all our friends to be safe. If you have any questions just reply here. I am happy to help anyone I am also on Facebook just refer to Galesmind if you want to friend me.


  1. wenchly50 · October 14, 2014

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  2. mazoomamilly · October 15, 2014

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  3. allabouteve16 · October 21, 2014

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  4. galemolinari · October 27, 2014

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  5. amommasview · October 27, 2014

    And that is exactly why I am so hesitating in pushing my blog on social media as well…


    • galemolinari · October 28, 2014

      People on social media can be vicious on the whole i have found WP to be a very supportive place.

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      • amommasview · October 28, 2014

        I don’t enjoy social media at all. And I am really hesitating taking my blog there. I actually don’t like it. But I want to grow it as well. So I thought I give it a shot…

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  6. marilynmunrow111 · October 29, 2014

    Reblogged this on marilynmunrow111 and commented:
    Hey sugar, nice to see you again.


  7. galemolinari · October 29, 2014

    Long time no see we thought it was ended didn’t we? Wish some people would find a damn hobby. I know I am fascinating but really it is tiresome.


  8. galemolinari · October 29, 2014

    I even had an idiot follow me here. Damn lunatic now she thinks I am a Russian lady that raises maltese. She needs a long rest somewhere.


  9. mohdnaufil · November 1, 2014

    You are waging War against children 😀


    • galemolinari · November 1, 2014

      What a strange comment.


      • mohdnaufil · November 2, 2014

        Strangers post strange comments, Granny.


      • galemolinari · November 2, 2014

        Well then perhaps you will be a friend to my blog and read my posts so you can post comments that aren’t strange!


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    • galemolinari · November 1, 2014

      Thank you so much you are very kind. I just got tired of all of it. Facebook had the potential to really add to people’s lives so does other social media.

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  11. luckyotter · March 1, 2015

    It’s always prudent to be careful on the web. I tried to friend you on FB by putting in “Galesmind” but it says there’s no such account.


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