First post on Facebook commentary

First post on my new blog. I started this blog to expose Facebook for the Wild West atmosphere it has engendered. Bullies run rampant steal photos, post defamation with no proof, fake profiles and messages. Meanwhile Facebook runs around deleting pet profiles as being Satan themselves. Have an unusual name well we can’t have that delete. Like your dog want to put his picture as your profile no can do bye bye. Had a profile for years but all of a sudden you are popular like to make friends oh no can’t have that. What part of social media do they not understand?? We are not business we are friends that like to meet people and have fun. That’s it. I fail to understand if they know who you are why you can’t use another fantasy name. People do it for all kinds of reasons, escape from an abusive situation, being gay but your family doesn’t know. Some handicapped people want to just be treated like anyone else they can do that behind a mask. Why do they allow people three and four profiles with the same name but if you want to put your dog as a profile bye bye. Why allow violent pages and profiles some posting pictures stolen from peoples profiles and the most debase lies being told. Report it to Facebook oops sorry not against our terms of service but you better not be posting about your chihuahua and the fun you have with him. Some day I hope that some smart genius goes hmmmmm. Ya know there are billions of dollars being spent on pets. Toys, clothes, furniture, food. Lots of advertisers are interested in those folks. Maybe I will set up a social network that works for them. There is one Furiends but they do not have the funds to employ the technology to provide the service people need in a social environment. Maybe someone will invest in them. Who knows? All I know is that there are millions of pet lovers that are waiting. Thanks for reading my first blog

My Facebook girl Prinnie